There are times after a neurological impairment that despite improvement, the individual continues to require 24-hour care and/or supervision for safety or other concerns.  We understand that most families are unable to provide the hourly, awake care that their loved one may need due to work schedules and other life commitments.  Touchstone Neurorecovery Center is able to provide either long-term or life-care services within any of our residential care homes in order to meet this need in the most home-like and caring environment.  Family members are encouraged to visit frequently and be as much a part of their loved ones’ life and care as possible. 

About half of our residents call Touchstone home.  A few of our patients have lived with us on our campus for over twenty years.  We are their surrogate family, celebrating life events, helping them to achieve both short and long-term goals and enjoy a fulfilling life doing things they enjoy and can take pride in. 

We concentrate on maintaining our residents’ health and level of function so they can enjoy the greatest independence and participate in local community activities for both work (when applicable) and play.  Residents engage in their daily routines with staff members who provide stability and assistance as necessary so they can enjoy the greatest success in life!