Touchstone's neuromedical management services are unique in that they offer a comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment approach for individuals with acquired brain injuries and other neurological conditions. Services are individualized according to the nature of the patient's initial injury and current medical and rehabilitative needs. Mobility, cognitive functions, and other physical or psychological processes can be greatly affected by changes in the nervous system which can, in turn, affect a person’s quality of life. As the recovery or disease process advances, it is important to address these changes via changes in medications, dosage, times of administration.  Also interactions with other medications and any potential side effects must be considered.  The goal of Touchstone’s neuromedical management services is to provide the highest quality of life with as few medications as possible.

Services Provided: 

  • Neurology: Our medical staff specializes in investigating, diagnosing and treating neurological disorders including but not limited to all acquired brain injuries, including but not limited to: traumatic brain injury, anoxic brain injury, stroke, and spinal cord injuries. 

  • Neuropsychiatry: Our programs are designed by Dr. John W. Cassidy, one of the world's foremost neuro-psychiatrists and a pioneer in this field.  Touchstone excels in this branch of medicine that focuses on mental and physical disorders caused by diseases of the nervous system.  In this specialty, we strive to provide a thorough understanding of each symptom, such as psychosis or depression, which we then address via neuro-medical interventions that lead to improved patient outcomes. 

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation: This specialty focus at Touchstone Neurorecovery Center is one of functional recovery, improving a patient’s ability to participate in all aspects of life, including activities of daily living, household management, community re-entry, and return to employment.  Helping the patient to re- learn independence with a feeling of productivity is paramount. 

  • Neurobehavioral rehabilitation and management: In addition to rehabilitating physical and cognitive impairments, Touchstone is one of the few post-acute facilities in the country that works with residents with severe behavioral issues. Our team employs great care to addresses clinical problems of cognition and/or behavior caused by brain injury or brain disease. We are able to take care of the more aggressive patient because our team is highly trained in the use of a variety of behavioral, environmental, and medical interventions. We excel in decreasing the severity of negative behaviors by coordinating individualized behavior modification plans with medication regulation and intense staff supervision. 

  • Nursing services: As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality care to persons with neurological disorders, Touchstone Neurorecovery Center has 24-hour nursing care to our on-campus patients and nursing support to the community based living programs. Our nursing team is an integral part of the diagnostic and treatment process and is specially trained in working with individuals with neurological impairments and behavioral difficulties. They focus not only on medication administration, but also patient education to assist the resident in understanding the importance of their medication, when and how to take their medication, and any potential side effects.  Another important aspect of nursing care is oversight of dietary needs and patient education, including diabetic specifics, proper hydration, and other individualized needs.