Occupational Therapy

Touchstone’s Occupational Therapy Services focus on engaging residents in functional activities to optimize their daily living. A variety of functional tasks are used to target basic activities of daily living and independent living skills.  Our licensed therapists aim to provide a patient with the skills needed to achieve independence in all areas of their lives – both cognitive and physical - enhancing a patient’s motor skills while enhancing their self-esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our Occupational Therapy treatment at Touchstone focuses teaching self-care and mobility skills through direct one-on-one treatments.  Small group activities may also be recommended to augment the overall dose of therapy patients receive.   Family/caregiver education is commonly provided to enhance carryover between what is learned in therapy and what is applied at home after discharge.  Patients undergo a comprehensive assessment utilizing evidence-based outcome measures prior to beginning therapy.  A treatment plan is then developed based on the patient’s unique needs.  Progress is monitored and goals are updated and modified as needed. 

What does Occupational Therapy Focus on?

  • Visual Perception
  • Self Care Skills, (Feeding, dressing, hygiene)
  • Upper Extremity Function (functional electrical stimulation, massed practice and Meditouch® wearable biofeedback devices)
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Community Reentry Skills and Social Behavior
  • Cognition
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Sensorimotor skills
  • Skill Building Groups (Cooking, Grocery Shopping, Domestic Duties, Nail Hygiene)