Outpatient Rehabilitation

Physical therapists (PT), occupational therapists (OT), and speech language pathologists (SLP) participate in the care of our patients at all levels at Touchstone with the valued input from physicians and nurses. Each therapist has received specialized training allowing for sophisticated decision-making with a breadth of knowledge. Our patients benefit from therapeutic interventions throughout their progression through our continuum of care.

The focus of rehabilitation goes well beyond just maximizing each patient’s functional independence. Simply being able to walk and talk isn’t good enough. Our ultimate goal is for patients to return to participating in their prior roles in the family, community, and workplace. Accomplishing this requires setting goals that are very specific to each individual patient and involves much greater collaboration between therapy disciplines (including Cognitive and Vocational therapies).

Touchstone places great emphasis on the use of scientific evidence to guide treatment decisions. Therapists will develop plans of care that are driven by an understanding of the principles of neuroplasticity. These principles shed light onto how the brain changes and recovers in direct response to the experiences provided during rehabilitation. Read more here.

Physical Therapy identifies strength, range of motion (ROM) and balance deficits; impairments in functional mobility, gait and endurance and assesses safety awareness.

Occupational Therapy examines upper extremity dysfunction, deficits in daily self-care, and barriers to home/community reintegration.

Speech Language Pathologists treat dysfunctions specific to speech, language, cognition and swallowing.

Family or caregiver involvement is the key to a successful treatment. Family training is an ongoing process at Touchstone and participation in individual sessions is often encouraged.