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Patients & Families

Our mission is to return patients to lives of productivity and meaning. In order to fulfill that mission, our staff have learned how to motivate patients when the road seems hard and long as well as celebrate their successes. The individuals we employ care about our patients as though they were their own family members. Our therapists have dedicated their professional careers to the specialization of neuro rehabilitation, using proven, research-based techniques to tremendously help those who are working to overcome deficits from brain injury, stroke and spinal cord injury. 

At Touchstone Neurorecovery Center we embrace the Patient Experience Movement and have adopted the following definition from the Beryl Institute: “The sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient’s perceptions across the continuum of care”. To us this means that patients always come first. We want to exceed the expectations of our patients and their loved ones by going above and beyond a typical healthcare setting. We delight in doing that “something special” that will make the patient’s day a little brighter because research shows that elevated mood leads to better rehabilitation outcomes. 
Patient and family education are key components of the rehabilitation experience at Touchstone. We gladly share our knowledge and resources with you, not just during your time with us, but continue to be a resource after you or your loved one is discharged.