Physical Therapy

Touchstone’s Physical Therapy Services focuses on the physical aspects of function relating to the patient’s neuromuscular status. Our licensed therapists are extremely experienced and understand the physical and mental challenges a patient may face during the healing process.  We work with patients and families to help each individual achieve his or her optimal physical and functional levels.

Our Approach to Treatment

Our Physical Therapy treatment at Touchstone focuses on teaching mobility skills through direct one-on-one treatments.  Small group activities may also be recommended to augment the overall dose of therapy patients receive.   Family/caregiver education is commonly provided to enhance carryover between what is learned in therapy and what is applied at home after discharge.  Patients undergo a comprehensive assessment utilizing evidence-based outcome measures prior to beginning therapy.  A treatment plan is then developed based on the patient’s unique needs. Progress is monitored and goals are updated and modified as needed. 

What does Physical Therapy Focus on?

  • Motor Learning
  • Home and Community Mobility
  • Ambulation (Body weight-supported treadmill)
  • Motor Sequencing
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Agility Training (Quick Board®)
  • Endurance (Sci-fi cardiovascular equipment)
  • Muscle Strengthening (Quantum and Equalizer resistance equipment)
  • Head and Trunk Control
  • Skill Building Groups (Walking, Dual-Task, Balance & Agility, Core Strength, Wheelchair Skills)