Residential Rehabilitation

Residential rehabilitation is an important phase in comprehensive injury recovery.  It provides a crucial step between acute rehabilitation and return to home.  Research has shown that “practice” is the most impactful modality in brain injury treatment.  In the residences at Touchstone, the individual patient is afforded the opportunity to further develop not only their personal daily living skills such as bathing, dressing and grooming, but also those other household management skills such as cooking, home organization, social skill enhancement, and money management.  When individuals have the opportunity to live communally in a home-like setting, they have a greater chance for successful re-entry to their home. 

Each residence at Touchstone is unique.  Our programs constitute a continuum of services that offer progressively greater challenges and expectations of its residents.  Individuals are able to enter Touchstone’s continuum at any point based upon clinical assessment and their individual goals.  Every attempt is made to place individuals in the home that best matches their current level of function with that of other patients while also providing challenges to continue to grow.  In this way, individuals may enjoy peer interaction and support that has also been proven to be beneficial in the recovery process. 

Patients are able to transition from one program to another as they progress in their recovery. The goal of residential rehabilitation is to be able to maintain quality-of-care levels while allowing the patient to become as independent as possible.  The following are provided for all residents at all levels: 

  • Attending physician with neuro-specialization and Physician Extenders
  • Medication management and education
  • Individualized daily schedule of therapies, educational sessions and activities
  • Case Management
  • Three dietician approved meals and three snacks per day
  • Linens including towel, sheets and comforter
  • Two pillows
  • Bedroom furnishings including bed, chair, dresser, nightstand and closet
  • Transportation to all off-campus medical appointments by our transportation department using company-owned, wheelchair-accessible vans
  • All buildings are designated non-smoking
  • Smoking allowed in outdoor designated areas only upon the permission of your treatment team and/or legal guardian
  • Access to outdoor exercise areas