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Each year at Touchstone about 20% of our total patients served come to us for rehabilitation because they have had a stroke. Our CARF Accredited Stroke Program assists patients in relearning how to walk, talk, complete activities of daily living and return to work or school. Our therapists are able to provide treatment that allows for as much “return” of functioning as possible as well as being able to suggest and instruct patients how to use assistive devices as needed which include ambulation devices, adaptive equipment to complete household tasks and tablet technology for speech, memory, organization and communication.
Our entire stroke program encompasses the whole individual as we focus on future stroke prevention through medication management and education about medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes, when applicable. We also focus on healthy living by including information and structure around diet and exercise. Individual counseling is available as a part of the program in order to address mood management, such as depression, and issues surrounding the recovery process such as perceived slowness of recovery, reversed roles in the home and community and any issues with returning to work and school.