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What to bring

Hello and welcome to TouchstoneNeurorecoveryCenter!  When you arrive, please come to the administration building and check in with the receptionist.  It is very important to be on time as the treatment team has scheduled your arrival.  Please call us at (936) 788-7770 if you have any difficulty in arriving at your scheduled time of admission or if you are running late.

Please bring the following items:

  • Legal documents, such as Guardianship papers, Power of Attorney, Advanced Directives, drivers’ license, State I.D., Social Security Card, Government I.D., if applicable.  Please bring a copy of your birth certificate if I.D. and Social Security Card are not available;
  • Insurance information, including all insurance cards, Medicare cards, and Medicaid papers;
  • Names and phone numbers of contact persons you want in your records;
  • A list of current treating physicians, their phone numbers and information about any doctors appointments which are already scheduled;
  • All current medications in original containers/packaging;
  • Credit card information for pharmacy, or cash deposit of $50 -$100;
  • Financial deposit for hygiene, outings, co-pays, etc.

Personal Items to Bring:

  • Casual, comfortable, weather appropriate clothing; at least one week’s supply is recommended.  There are laundry facilities on site.  We recommend that you label your clothes and possessions prior to admission.
  • Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hairbrush, comb, deodorant, make up, razors, etc.;
  • Small electronic devices, such as a small radio, clock radio, hair dryer, etc.  We encourage residents to bring their own alarm clock. If you bring your cell phone, we recommend that you password protect your device.
  • TNC provides you with towels, sheets, laundry detergents, and fabric softeners.  However, you may bring your own bedding and decorative items from home to personalize your room.
  • Any assistive devices you may need, such as wheelchairs, canes, braces, splints, eyeglasses, hearing aides, dentures, etc.
  • The Program Director maintains and monitors any tobacco products brought to TNC.

What NOT to Bring:

  • Pagers, personal computers
  • ATM cards (if brought, it will need to be turned in to the Administrative Assistant to lock up with your finances)
  • Pets
  • TV, VCR, DVD, large electronic/audio equipment
  • Expensive or sentimental items of clothing or jewelry
  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons
  • Drugs or any drug paraphernalia
  • Alcohol  

Note: Touchstone Neurorecovery Center is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen.